Do you believe in MAGIC?

{{mag·ic /ˈmajik/ noun: The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.}}

What if I told you that influencing your reality was not a mystery at all…



…that by blending practical + spiritual tools, you can

Create your most vibrant life

Enter the world feeling grounded each day

Master decision making

Shift unhealthy habits

Move stagnant energy and make space in your physical body

Generate more possibility, positivity, joy and vitality


Hi, I’m Jamie - a yogini, Vedic meditator, dancer, declutter pro, health coach, and wellness entrepreneur.

Move Space Magic was born because I believe that creating space is more than just having your pantry look “Pinterest ready” (although we can totally make that happen if that’s what you truly desire!)

 I will help you make space in all the areas of your life: In your rooms, in your body, and in your heart!


We are three dimensional beings and we are meant to move!

MoveSpaceMagic provides both 1:1 and group movement sessions, customized towards what your body wants + needs, whether a grounding vinyasa flow yoga session, strengthening-toning focused practice, shaking it out with some dance cardio, Buti Yoga or HIIT, Jamie will help you discover the joy of movement.


Every single item in your home is taking up energetic space in some way, shape or form.

Learn how to let go of items that no longer align with who you are or who you are wanting to become to find freedom in having less stuff and more SPACE. Jamie will help you to identify what you are wanting more of in your life while lovingly supporting you in saying “buh-bye!” to anything and everything blocking you from the life of your dreams.


…is on the other side of making space in your body, heart, and home.

Practicing daily self-care and creating rituals to support you in feeling alive and invigorated is the heart and intention of this work. When you begin to shift the energy inside of yourself and your home, you will discover how they are interconnected. Once this happens, how you show up in the world begins to shift too.