Hi, I’m Jamie

Strong values, passion for organization + functionality, and daily movement has supported my life’s path and led to thriving after years of confusion, misalignment and heartache.

It was finding a strong yoga practice that helped me develop the awareness of what is sacred and necessary to live an extraordinary life beyond materialistic and external experiences.

I use perspective to counsel myself and others to see, feel and remember what is truly important in this lifetime: To only hold onto things, thoughts, relationships, and experiences that uplift and elevate us. This is my superpower strength.

You don’t have to visit an ashram or live like a monk to live simply. When you are dedicated to making space in your body through yoga or any type of feel-good movement and leave space inside of your home, you are telling the Universe you are ready to receive what it is you deeply, truly, desire. 

My core values are joy, freedom, growth, love, and adventure.

I use these values to guide my own life and answer any big or small question that comes my way. If what I desire isn’t connected to one or all of these core values, then it isn’t necessary. In this work, I help you to identify what YOUR core values are - from there, the work begins and is quite easy and liberating!

I am not asking you to be an extreme minimalist. I am asking you to get in touch with what you have, what you are feeding your body, and if your relationship to yourself is making you feel alive. If you have found this page, it is likely time to reevaluate some things, reset, come back home to yourself and what is truly important in this life. Check in with how and who you are spending your time with. The process of decluttering yourself from the inside-out brings you back to your wholeness, to who you were before life, society, and other people told you who you are and who you should be. When you have less physical and emotional clutter, you have more joy, freedom, and purposes.

Less is truly more. 

Our body is our only true home that we have to live in day in and day out. Your body and mind is a temple and I am here to support you in creating a lifestyle and home and body that feels like a sanctuary. This work isn’t a luxury; it is a necessity if you are trying to squeeze the most goodness out of your time in this precious lifetime. 

While this work is intended to focus on own self: our health, our bodies, and our homes - there is a huge ripple effect at play too. When you heal yourself and your surroundings, your awareness of how you are treating all of the other spaces around your world expands. You begin to care about making space in your community and ultimately for our planet. Becoming a conscious consumer of what you put in your bodies and in your homes means you become an advocate for keeping our real home, Earth, safe, healthy, and thriving. Life is a mirror…when you heal, the world heals.

Jamie’s Credentials:

BFA in Musical Theatre

200 and 300 Hour yoga teacher trainings

IIN Health Coach

Teacher for Yoga on the Mountain Festival 2018, Snowmass Village


Work + Hobbies:

Shared time between Boulder and Aspen, CO

Leading private and group fitness classes in Aspen, CO

BUTI yoga: Classes and private parties

Teaching tap class to ages 3-40 (joy core value)

Snowboarding and learning to mountain bike

Making soulful sounds with my voice and on the piano